Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct for International Conferences on Metal-Organic Frameworks and Open Framework Compounds

The organisers encourage a supportive environment at the conference that enables open and honest intellectual debate. It is the responsibility of all participants, including attendees, vendors, staff, and volunteers, to conduct themselves in a professional manner that is welcoming to all participants and free from any form of discrimination or harassment. Participants will treat each other with respect to create a collegial, inclusive, and professional atmosphere.

Inappropriate or intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated.  This includes inappropriate or illegal actions or language based on individual characteristics such as age, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, disability or any other characteristic protected by law. Participants will avoid any disruptive or harassing behaviour which includes – but is not limited to – unwelcome comments, unwanted touching or attention, offensive images and photography without permission.

If you believe that code of conduct has been breached during the conference, please contact the conference chair (Prof. Shane Telfer, email:, a member of the conference organising committee (, or the chair of the IZA MOF commission (Prof. Russell Morris, email: Complaints will be investigated confidentially, fairly and discreetly and within the bounds of any relevant legislation. Following completion of an inquiry, any action to be taken will be determined and may include a request for private or public apologies, discharge from the conference or restrictions on future invitations and attendance.

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